Sunday, May 31, 2015

PHOTO | 5th Annual COCA-COLA Collectors Fair

Hi Korang,

Ini ada beberapa gambar semasa Coca-Cola Collector Fair harituh.

Coca-Cola recently held its 5th annual Collectors Fair at Berjaya Times Square which saw 60 collectors from 11 countries participating. The activity-filled event saw hundreds of people visiting the one-day only event, with the Collectors also raising funds for charity on their own initiative during the event. The charity auction raised RM2,850 which was donated to both the National Kidney Foundation Malaysia and UNICEF.

The Fair was officially kicked off by Ms. Gill McLaren, General Manager for Singapore-Malaysia-Brunei Region, The Coca-Cola Company and Mr. Gareth McGeown, Commercial Director at Coca-Cola Bottlers Malaysia.

Collectors displaying a variety of Coca-Cola bottles to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the iconic design.

Coca-Cola Director of Public Affairs and Communications, Kadri Taib, and Singapore-Malaysia-Brunei region General Manager, Gill McLaren speaking with a collector, Affandi bin Masran.

Itu je..

Selamat berhujung minggu korang..


Siti Hajar said...

Blogwalking sini :)
Collector punya barang kalau dijual dalam auction mesti mahal sangat. Kalau simpan zaman atuk nenek kita punya, lagi tinggi harga.

Nadia Johari said...

nak air satu...

hasliynda umairah beauty said...

cantik2 botol tu