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Watsons Malaysia is proud to present a battle of the sexes competition, with male and female contestants facing off against one another in a series of physically demanding and emotionally enduring challenges.

Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia (4th from right), Shirley Yong, Director of Marketing of Celestial Tiger Entertainment, Hong Kong (1st from left) and co-sponsors of R U Tough Enough? 2016.

In collaboration with KIX HD (Astro Channel 729) and Astro, Watsons brings back the R U Tough Enough? The Battle of the Sexes Edition and crowning Malaysia’s toughest who will walk away with the grand prize of RM30, 000!

Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia giving his speech to the media and business partners at the launch of R U Tough Enough? Brought to you by Watsons.

“Watsons is not just about getting beautiful and healthy, but it is also more than that. Our collaboration with this program is to continuously provide our customers innovation in activities that will improve their lifestyle as a whole. This is also Watsons continuous engagement with the Malaysian youths to empower them through exciting programs like this,” said Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia.

KIX HD, the ultimate destination for action entertainment in Asia, and Astro are looking for the answer to this question with the return of R U Tough Enough?. This year, KIX HD and Astro will go beyond the stereotypes and run a battle of the sexes competition.

“In this year’s R U Tough Enough?, KIX HD and Astro are excited to go beyond the stereotype that men are tougher than women with our very own battle of the sexes. We are sure that this will make for an enthralling competition, as we know that toughness isn’t limited to physical strength; it is also a test of mental endurance. And a big thank you to our sponsors especially Watsons and participating brands for supporting this program,” said Shirley Cheong, Director of Marketing at Celestial Tiger Entertainment, Hong Kong.

At the media launch, celebrated radio talent and fitness enthusiast Linora Low and Malaysia’s number one hero, Keith Foo were introduced as chosen two ambassadors to emphasize on this year’s theme of “Men versus Women”. The ambassadors will lead #TeamLinora and #TeamKeith respectively in the challenge to determine which gender is the toughest.

Fitness enthusiast Linora said, “Toughness for me is more than the appearance of being physically muscular and strong. It is about challenging the norms and benchmarks set by society and myself to redefine toughness for a woman.”

Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia (middle) with R U Tough Enough? Ambassadors 2016 Keith Foo (left) and Linora Low (right).

Keith is also a true example of toughness, having persevered through humble beginnings on the path to becoming the most sought after film actor in Malaysia. He explained, “Being tough is about setting my mind towards overcoming the challenges life throws at us on a daily basis. It is about keeping that positivity and optimism even when the going gets really tough.”

Danny also welcomed Watsons participating brands representatives on stage for the official launch including Clear, Garnier Men, Gatsby, Horley’s, L’Oreal Paris, Maybelline, Nivea Men and Sunplay, joined by Foo Hwei Jiek, Senior Merchandise Manager.

As part of the recruitment for R U Tough Enough?, KIX HD will send their Tough Troopers to several hotspots in Klang Valley to challenge individuals to demonstrate their toughness on the spot through a series of tests.

R U Tough Enough? is open to all Malaysian residents aged 18 and above. To enter the contest, participants must first apply online at Ten tough individuals will be selected to compete in the final showdown for the title of “Malaysia’s Toughest” and winning the grand prize. For exciting offers, Watsons members can visit FB/WatsonsMalaysia

R U Tough Enough? is brought to you by Watsons, co-sponsored by Fisherman’s Friend and the official healthcare provider KPJ Group of Hospitals, with the official partner Astro, the venue partner Sunway Pyramid, and the gym partner Celebrity Fitness.

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