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As children we would want to give the best of everything for our parents. This includes top hospitality and medical expertise experience. Being comfortable and constantly attended are among the few factors that ensure our parents have superior medical supervision in the comfort of a homey environment. Zara Aisyah Care Centre (ZACC) provides a haven for elderly residents to enjoy a conducive healthy lifestyle with their families and caregivers under one roof.

Founded in December 2015 by Ms. Wan Salbiah Mior Yahya, a former CRM Manager at UM Specialist Centre (Hospital), ZACC is now one of the leading independent care providers in Selangor. ZACC was originally created to provide high-quality care/nursing care and hospitality for elderly but their expertise and ability to offer support has expanded significantly since then. ZACC is targeting to provide services that range from Dementia Care to assisted living and more. 

High quality homes have remained integral to them since the start but they have also developed a number of partnerships with Malaysia Local Authority and providers based on local needs and opportunities. These include building registered Care Centre, helping devise new care pathways and caring for a wide variety of adult needs in this registered care centre.

On 1st October 2016, ZACC is officially launched in a relaxed and comfortable event at the centre itself. It is officiated by Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid and Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Wan Mohd Zahid Mohd Noordin. The event is joined by fellow guest of honours, media, families of residents, authorities bodies, and neighborhood residents.

Among the services that ZACC provides are:

RESIDENTIAL CARE for Independent Residents

They ensure a safe, warm and friendly environment with support for daily tasks such as washing, cleaning and laundry. ZACC also creates a welcoming atmosphere in which residents enjoy activities, go on outings and make friends with other residents with a range of care services to help meet individual needs.

NURSING CARE for Specialist requirements

ZACC nursing care teams are fully qualified and have the specialist expertise required to care for residents’ varying medical needs and requirements. They specialized for various geriatric and general medical conditions inclusive of care for Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Motor Neurone Disease, Encephalopathy as a result of an accident, ventilator care and overall medical treatment.


A friendly and stimulating home-away-from-home, for people who are still living at home and may need some additional support during the day. ZACC provides care for people with dementia, physical frailty or simply those who want a more active social environment. Residents will have the opportunity to socialize with friends and engage in a range of activities, while their family carers have the confidence of knowing their loved ones are safe and cared for.

The services included in basic fees: 

• Accomodation and food.

• Individual personal care and support.

• Home cooked with special diets and personal preferences are catered for.

• Laundry including personal clothing, bedding and towels.

• Activities and entertainment that vary according to residents’ needs and interest. Range of activities can include; religious teaching, gardening, baking, arts and craft. We also arrange regular day trips.

Physiotherapy: Can be arranged through GP / Specialist referral.

On top of that, there are also additional services offered such as:

• Hairdressing.

• Private dentist appointments can be arranged.

• Private physiotherapist appointments can be arranged.

• Private doctor / optician appointments can be arranged.

• Transport and nurse escort to private appointments can be arranged.

*Actual costs may vary depending on mode of transportation and other services.

ZACC can be reached for more information through various platforms such as:


Contact number: 03-5510 8102 / 012-433 8102


raihanah said...

bagus ada center camni. tahniah zacc

Shida said...

saya bukan nak komen.. tapi ingin bertanya.. patient bedridden (stroke) semua anggota badan tidak berfungsi.. nak makan n minum kena ada orang tolong begitu juga untuk menguruskan diri sendiri, patient pakai diapers. Untuk pengetahuan tuan, saya akan mengerjakan haji pada tahun 2018 dan patient tiada sesiapa untuk menjaga nya. adakah patient begini di terima oleh pihak tuan. mohon jawapan segera tq.

my email : atau hp no. 0192268566

Cyborg Jr said...

Boleh sangat

azkia said...

Hai.. as my favorite blogger When I enter new place and need to plan for CSR event. This blog sesuai sgt. thank u so much for the good info.

Unknown said...

Salam. Mohon pencerahan. Saya mempunyai anak oku masalah mental. Adakah pusat jagaan tuan boleh menerima anak saya. Kalau diterima boleh nyatakan berapa kos jagaannya.

M. Iqbal said...

Assalamu'alaikum. Di mana lokasi ZACC sebenarnya? Dengar, ada di Shah Alam, ya?