Friday, January 29, 2016

SORABEE Korean Skincare Kini Di Buka Di Da:Men USJ Shopping Mall

Hi Korang,

SORABEE salah satu jenama penjagaan kulit premium Korea telah pun berada di pasaran Malaysia iaitu di Da:Men USJ Shopping Mall, Sorabee yang bermaksud "madu dari laut" di Korea.

Di bawakan oleh K Beauty Zone Sdn Bhd produk kecantikan Sorabee ni kalau mereka yang junkie dengan jenama ni confirm tau pasal krim diorang yang popular ini iaitu balancing aqua cream. 

Jom aku bawak korang tengok-tengok Sorabee Outlet ni ek.

Konsep terbuka yang menarik dengan keluasan kaunter 310 kaki persegi disertakan dengan sebuah akuarium yang dihias bintang laut seperti di lautan biru yang diilhamkan daripada maksud Sorabee tersebut

Ini ni aku kena tulis dalam English ek, supaya korang boleh paham dengan senang..

Sorabee Skin Care products are uniquely formulated with the “Intensive Triple “S” Action Technologies” to protect and enhance the skin, and they are:

star product : balancing aqua cream

Sea Star Collagen

Sea Star Collagen provides a glue-like matrix that holds the cells together inside our body. 70% of the skin corium is comprised of collagen, it functions to refine skin’s texture, assists the skin to look young and radiant as well as helps improve elasticity.

Starting at age 25, the rate of body's own natural collagen production in the skin gradually declines. As aging progresses, the signs of skin aging becomes visible where more wrinkles and fine lines appear around the eyes caused by collagen loss and lack of moisture. The collagen extract from sea star is ideal to shield skin from daily exposure to harmful elements and keep skin’s moisture balanced as well as enhance skin’s elasticity. Sea star collagen has been proven to give better moisturisation compared with bovine collagen, it effectively replenishes collagen and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

night cream yang awesome

Deep Sea Water

Deep Sea Water exists in depths below 200m from sea surface, where sunlight cannot penetrate and the water temperature rapidly drops away. The deep ocean circulation is a constantly moving system, called the Ocean Conveyor Belt and is driven by density differences and temperature variations. It takes about 2,000 years for sea water originating from Greenland (North Atlantic Deep Water, NADW) to travel to the coast of Hawaii, where non-polluted pure seawater is drawn from the depth of 915m.

The Ocean Conveyor Belt is crucial to the base of the world’s food chain. As it transports water around the globe, it enriches carbon dioxide-poor, nutrient depleted surface waters by carrying them through the ocean's deeper layers where those elements are abundant. The nutrients and carbon dioxide from the bottom layers that are distributed through the upper layers enable the growth of algae and seaweed that ultimately support all forms of life.

Deep Sea Water is characterised by its high purity, as it has never been exposed to pollution, harmful microbes and chemical spills. The purest deep sea water is rich in different minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium, manganese and others. The mineral-riched ingredients help to empower the skin’s self-purification system and body metabolism. Besides, it is also an effective acne treatment and helps relieve a topic skin.

Porphyridium Cruentum Extract

Porphyridium Cruentum Extract (Ocean Spa Plankton Extract) comes from planktons that live in the ocean spa. The Ocean Spa Plankton has defensive powers and self regeneration strength to survive in the ocean spa with poor surroundings.

Porphyridium Cruentum Extract contains a wealth of nutrients such as galactose, glucose, mineral, etc. It enhances more than 45% of skin’s own Moisture Barrier Component to keep your skin intensely moisturised, supple and radiant.

Sorabee Skin Care products are rich in natural ingredients such as sea star collagen, deep sea water and other beneficial marine ingredients, making its products one of the best for protecting your skin from environment stresses, rejuvenating your complexion and strengthen your skin’s resilience and moisture, making you look younger and more radiant.

Sorabee Skin Care series ni sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit sebabnya berasaskan air.

Produk Sorabee di jual pada harga dari RM63.60 hingga RM121.90, yang aku rasa akan berpatutan memandangkan ianya di import dari Korea kan hehehehhe…

Kalau korang memang suka dengan produk Korea tapi budget ciput sangat boleh boleh check it out product dari Sorabee ni ek

Check out Sorabee's stores at:

Da:Men USJ: G-K2 & K3, Ground Floor
Main Place USJ21: Lot 1FK-02A, 1st Floor
Taiping Mall: Lot 1K-11 & 1K-13, 1st Floor
Sunway Carnival Mall: Unit F-K6, 1st Floor
Gurney Plaza: Lot 170-05-07, Level 5
Quill City Mall: Unit 2-42, 2nd Floor

Untuk info lanjut, korang boleh check it out 



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