Thursday, September 8, 2016

H20+ Beauty Produk Kini Di 11th Street

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Produk jenama H20+ Beauty ni memang dah lama ada di pasaran cuma kita tak berapa nak perasan due to lack of promotion agaknya. 

So kini H20+ Beauty kembali lagi dengan lebih idea yang lebih kreatif dan inovatif untuk para pengguna kecantikan di Malaysia ini. 

“H2O+ was founded more than two decades ago as a groundbreaking concept to deliver innovative, modern and effective skin care options in an environment that encouraged women to make their own choices. That courageous spirit and customers-first approach have always been a core tenet of the brand,” kata Ms Joy Chen, CEO kepada H2O+ Beauty. “Now we want to amplify that spirit with a reimagined H2O+ Beauty, one that even better serves our customers by being more innovative, creative and results-focused. We can’t wait for the public to see what’s in store.”

Luxor Beauty World merupakan sole distributor untuk H20+ Beauty di Malaysia dan kini mereka telah melantik 11th Street sebagai online parter secara rasmi. So lepas ni nak beli produk H20+ ni boleh je ke website 11th Street kan. 

Encik Bruce Lim selaku Vice President of Merchandising, 11street berkata “Based on an online survey we conducted recently, a majority of Malaysian shoppers prefer shopping online for one simple reason – convenience. At 11street, we see this surging trend as the catalyst to the rise of e-commerce in Malaysia, with many brands hopping aboard the bandwagon. Our partnership with H2O+ Beauty today adds another feather to our cap, for we are honored to support their shift into an omni-channel retailing.”

H20+Beauty menawarkan produk mereka seperti berikut:

The legacy collection of H2O+ features hydrating products that transform a parched complexion into perfectly supple and smooth skin that is brimming with vitality

Infinity+ (formerly Sea Results) 
Age-defying products that leverage the energizing powers of water to stop the “ripple effect” of aging by treating the most telltale signs, both instantly and over time

Waterbright (formerly Waterwhite)
Hydra-powered products with effective brighteners, such as Vitamin C, that diminish dark spots, even out skin tone and promotes overall radiance

Brings cleansing and purity to all skin types, preparing your complexion for specialized treatment and spectacular results. Water is the foundation for our brand – and these new formulas are the building blocks of any skin care routine

Body Care
Our Sea Salt, Eucalyptus and Aloe, Milk and Specialty Care collections maximize the ultimate hydrating power of H2O to cleanse, moisturize and soften skin from head to toe

Ermm memacam produk rupanya ada keluaran H20+Beauty ni ek

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