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Malaysia’s leading beauty and skincare brand CHRISZEN sets a new benchmark in the makeup scene with CHRISZEN MATCH MATTE SERUM FOUNDATION. Developed by CHRISZEN’s beauty experts, CHRISZEN MATCH MATTE SERUM FOUNDATION is a ground-breaking development with unique formulation. 

Part make-up and part skincare, CHRISZEN MATCH MATTE SERUM FOUNDATION offers two distinctive benefits — beautifying and nourishing the skin — in a singular beauty tool, perfect for Malaysian women on the go! 

“CHRISZEN MATCH MATTE SERUM FOUNDATION is special because it is a foundation with the consistency and benefits of a serum,” says Ms Mandy Leong, Managing Director of CHRISZEN Malaysia. “As serum has smaller molecular size, CHRISZEN MATCH MATTE SERUM FOUNDATION will not only provide smooth and in-depth coverage on the surface. It also will penetrate deep into the skin, delivering active ingredients to the affected areas. When the affected areas receive adequate nourishment, the damages will be healed and immediate colour correction as well as flaw improvement can be attained.” 

Packed with 11 powerful ingredients such as bearberry extract, oat kernel extract, red sea algae, liquorice root extract, Vitamin B3, frangipani, trehalose, fucogel (biosacharide gum-1), aloe vera extract, Manuka honey extract and witch hazel extract, the foundation provides all the essential benefits a skin needs such as hydration, skin whitening, anti-oxidant for protection against free radicals and anti-ageing properties. Furthermore, CHRISZEN MATCH MATTE SERUM 

FOUNDATION is also lightweight, akin to a tinted moisturiser, and imparts feel good sensation to the skin. 

Upon application, users will not only enjoy thorough yet flawless coverage across the skin, but they will also experience the unique reparative properties such as skin whitening, delaying the process of ageing, hydrating the skin and provides the skin with ample anti-oxidant to combat destructive free radicals. 

Suitable for all skin types, the serum foundation comes in five distinctive shades, created especially for Southeast Asian skin tones – Natural Ivory for light-medium skin with cool undertones; Light Beige for light-medium skin with neutral undertones; Nude Beige for medium skin with neutral undertones; Natural Beige for medium skin with warm undertones; and Rich Honey for tan skin with warm undertones. Furthermore, its lightweight formulation allows smooth spreading and blends well with the skin. 

“The idea of creating Match Matte Serum Foundation stemmed from the needs of Southeast Asian women for a foundation that does more than catering to their unique skin tone, but also providing their skin with beauty benefits,” says Mandy. “In a way, users will be enjoying the benefits of a foundation that provides even complexion and the benefits of a skin serum in a single product.” 

Leong further adds, “With reparative benefits such as whitening, anti-ageing, hydration and packed with anti-oxidant, as well as a spectrum of distinctive hues for Malaysian skin tones, rest assured CHRISZEN MATCH MATTE SERUM FOUNDATION will generate a new frenzy among Malaysian beauty connoisseurs.” 

To commemorate its arrival, winner of the Bizsmart Challenge 2018 — Malaysia’s first reality programme organised by Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad and in collaboration with Eco World 

Development Group Berhad (EcoWorld) — held a launch event called CHRISZEN Colour Cosmetic Party at the Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC). The event was attended by members of the media, beauty gurus, beauty influencers and local celebrities alike. 

Make-up artiste to the stars Ayang Kamell took the stage, demonstrating to guests how to achieve ultimate glow using the new CHRISZEN MATCH MATTE SERUM FOUNDATION range. The artiste also shared a couple of useful tips with guests on how to choose the right foundation according to your skin tone and how to apply the foundation correctly to ensure full coverage that not only will make you look flawlessly beautiful but stays on you, throughout the day! 

CHRISZEN MATCH MATTE SERUM FOUNDATION (30ml) is retailed at RM56.90 (West Malaysia) and RM65.90 (East Malaysia) and is exclusively available at GUARDIAN stores nationwide. 

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