Sunday, October 13, 2019


Hi Everyone,

Ahad lepas kak lily berkesempatan ke Wetlands Putrajaya untuk menjayakan “Spirit of WIPRO Run 2019”. Tapi yang tak best, kak lily terlambat bangun dan termiss nak lari bersama-sama huahauahauaa

Teruklah perangai kan, tapi ktorang join segala mak neka aktiviti yang ada tau masa hari tuh cuma tak lari jer

SPIRIT OF WIPRO RUN is back and it was bigger than ever! 

Today marks the 9th year anniversary for the Spirit of Wipro Run. On an international level, it is the 14th year anniversary of this momentous occasion. Runners kick started their day being out Sunday morning and rejoiced as the weather was clear. They enjoyed fun activities and a yummy breakfast. This year the Wipro team came up with the theme of going ‘#FurtherTogether’ – to face the challenges before us in unity and adversity. 

The run started all the way back in July 2006 in the efforts of bringing the community together and to give back to those who have shown support for Wipro in their years of being in service. Their main goal is to give contributions back to the society through 3 charity categories which are Community, Education, and Ecology. The SPIRIT OF WIPRO RUN has become one of the largest global employee events in the world. It is available in 110 cities across 34 countries including New Jersey, Portland, Sydney, and many more. 

“The SPIRIT OF WIPRO RUN has always been about giving back to the communities we work and live in. We aim to connect the Spirit of Wipro with our community and share our corporate mission of creating a just, equitable, humane and sustainable world,” said Mr Kumar Chander, Regional Director, South East Asia & Middle East in his energetic speech. 

SPIRIT OF WIPRO RUN had categories for all ages. Competitive runners aged 12 years and above were challenged in the following categories: Men Open 8km Category and Women Open 8km Category. The top 3 winners of the 3km dan 8km run were awarded with medals and hampers filled with awesome goodies. Participants in the 8km run also get their very own finisher medal at the finish line. 

Parents, kids, and senior citizens joined in on the 3km Family Fun Run at SPIRIT OF WIPRO RUN. The Family Fun Run was only 3KM long and it was perfect for families to sightsee the beautiful green scenery in Padang Semarak. The other activities also immersed runners in the game booths that gave many attractive prizes! 

There were also plenty of water activities that cooled off the runners from the heat. Kids got to unleash their creative side by joining the mask painting competition. Patrons also enjoyed the candy floss, popcorn, ice cream, and left the event with smiles on their faces and their hearts filled with warmth.

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