Thursday, June 4, 2020

Beyond the Specs: vivo X50 a Remarkable Series in 2020

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vivo has officially unveiled its latest high-end X series, vivo X50 in China early this week. The launch of vivo’s first flagship series in 2020 has seen success as it received tons of positive responses from the spectators and media, with the phone offers far more than its specs sheet listing and benchmarks.

One of America’s top technology website operated by Vox Media, The Verge praised vivo’s innovative technology implemented on the latest flagship – X50 series. “The company does have a track record of debuting new hardware features that end up getting widely adopted elsewhere, from in-display fingerprint sensors to pop-up selfie cameras, so we’re certainly interested to try out the Gimbal Stabilization for ourselves,” stated by The Verge

Back in 2000, Sharp launched its J-SH04, which was asserted to be the world's first mobile phone with built-in camera. Over the course of the years, vivo has successfully created the specially-made camera that features gimbal-style camera stabilization – ensuring smooth and steady footage simply by holding onto the phone and nothing else. 

vivo X50 series is embedded with a micro gimbal-like structure, with lens that rotates as the module is manipulated by a robotic gimbal that help to achieve steadier results when recording video footage. With this innovation, the Gimbal Stabilization area offers 3.2 times more effective than the typical OIS stabilization cameras. '

According to vivo’s official statement, the X50 Series will be released globally in the second half of 2020, which means that Malaysians can also be expecting vivo’s latest gimbal stabilization technology coming soon.

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Wak Lat said...

x terkejar kecanggihan henpon skrg nih., huhuhu

ps. vivo x50 ni leh challenge samsung note 10 plus x?