Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Premium Flagship vivo X50 Pro: An Interview with Professional Photographers

Hi Everyone,

Last month, vivo Malaysia unveiled its latest in the premium X series, X50 and X50 Pro, highlighting on the devices’ robust and cutting-edge camera technology – Gimbal Camera Systems, 60x Hyper Zoom and Super Night Camera. In celebration of this, vivo Malaysia has invited several renowned local photographers on an exclusive interview in reviewing the extraordinary X50 Pro. 

Known for its advance camera specs and luxurious design, X50 Pro is not only catered for casual users, but also dedicated for professional photographers from a wide range of categories including travel, wedding, fashion, landscape and astronomy. 

“As a travel photographer, having a great stabilization system is of tremendous help at night, it captures excellent night shots – they are bright, with abundant detail, good exposure, lively colors and commendable contrast. Even the darkest of scenes turned out outstanding.” Mr. Zarnizar, Travel Photographer. 

All in all, the vivo X50 Pro is a fine understated offering. It excels at things that people care for — the camera experience, the design, the performance and software user interaction. All of which are excellent on the phone. For more information, please visit vivo Malaysia official Facebook page and official website.

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