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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

REVIEW | SkinSoul SkinShield Travelling Set

Hi Korang,

Skincare travelling set? 

Ermm memang penting untuk semua pompuan kan, especially pompuan yang kaki travel cam aku ni kan. Tak kan nak bawak bottle skincare beso-beso tuh pi berjalankan. Kang beg berat plak, excess luggage kena bayo terlebih muatan plak.

So memperkenalkan SkinSoul SkinShield Travelling Set

Aku suka travelling set dari SkinSoul sebab dengan 5 cute produk ni cukup untuk menjaga kulit muka aku yang comey ni kan hehehehe 

Apa keistimewaan produk Skin Soul Skin Shield ni ek?
(aku taip dalam English ek, easy untuk korang lebih paham kan) 

1) It's made of a Japanese leaves called Ashitaba leave. It can revitalise your skin's youth, radiance and beauty! It is a leaves that contain 11 vitamins and 13 minerals and antioxidant that will improve your skin.

2) There are Daisy Flower Extract in all the product as well. Daisy flower is efficient for lightening and brightening the skin too!

3) And also the Swiss Glacier Water are used as the water base for all of SkinSoul's product. The natural and uncontaminated water from the Alps can increase therapeutic efficacy and reduce toxicities!

Apa yang terkandung di dalam SkinSoul Travelling set ni ek?
(aku taip dalam English ek, easy untuk korang lebih paham kan)  

1) Hydra-Purifying Cleanser
This cleanser is very compact, a few drops from it and mix it with water is enough to clean the whole face! It is very gentle and the skin won't feel very dry after cleansing. Cleanser packed with vitamins and minerals from the Ashitaba leave and mix with Swiss Glacier Water.

2) Hydrating, Energizing and Pore Refining Lotion
This lotion can be used as toner and it is very light-weight as well. You can apply it anytime throughout the day when your skin feels dry!

3) 12-in-1 Suncare Day Cream (SPF 50)
Also with minerals and vitamin from Ashitaba leaves. This cream can be used as normal foundation for the skin and it can blend in with any skin tone!

4) Light and Bright Serum
This serum is formulated with smaller molecules to penetrate into inner layer of the skin to fight against the aging skin! Normally can just apply around the eyes area to prevent wrinkles!

5) Night Cream
Just like the name of the cream, it's to apply during the night before you sleep. It will help regenerate your skin throughout the night! It's more recommended for older people, don't apply too much if your skin is considered as oily skin.

Lepas mencuba beberapa kali aku bawak pi travel, memang sesuai dengan kulit muka aku ni. Tekstur serum tu nampak cam berminyak tapi bila sapu kat muka, sekejapan je ianya meresap masuk ke dalam liang-liang kulit muka.

Not bad la aku rasa ek..

Traveling set ni berharga RM500 untuk kesemua 5 produk. 

Nanti nanti!

Jangan lupa tebus code #SSLILY dengan pembelian RM100 dalam single receipt dan berpeluang untuk mendapat travel set worth RM100 for free!

Jom singgah ke:-

SkinSoul Boutique 
Level LG077 
Mid Valley Shopping Mall