Monday, May 4, 2020

vivo Malaysia Emphasises Family Connections for Heartwarming Raya Campaign

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In conjunction with the upcoming Raya festive season, leading technology player vivo Malaysia, who is adamant to provide the community with support and care has recently launched a light-hearted Ramadan Film which highlights the importance of family connections to the public. 

When most Malaysians are not able to celebrate Ramadan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri the way they are used to due to the MCO, the film, titled Terangi Rayamu (Light your Raya), reminds viewers that hope can be ignited especially when we know our friends and family are safe and sound, and holy month can still be as bright again even though we are stepping on uncertainty. 

Terangi Rayamu was launched on 4 May, where the film begins with the normalcy of typical family frustrations depicted through a series of humorous missteps by family members striving to prepare for Raya while meeting their grandmother’s standards and ends with a call to connect with family. 

vivo Malaysia has recently unveiled their highly anticipated vivo V19 (selling at RM 1,699) capturing the device’s industry-leading camera capabilities with stunning aesthetics. In celebration of this, the newly-launched V19 has been featured as playing a crucial role in capturing and igniting hope for various Malaysians - giving us a glimpse into their lives in a lead up to what will be a Raya that is the first of its kind. 

“This film is not the typical tearjerker that we are used to seeing in previous years. It’s about seeing that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel and celebrating to the best of our circumstances, even though we are not being able to be with our loved ones physically,” said Mr. Mike Xu, Chief Executive Office of vivo Malaysia. 

“Despite many of us being in uncertainty, here at vivo, we are about connecting people. Through this campaign, we want to emphasise that though we may be far apart, we are still close at heart and together we can adjust ourselves to the new norm, while still feeling the warmth of familial relationships,” he continued. 

This festive season, vivo urges people to explore new ways to stay connected with their family and loved ones virtually and mentally – be it through selfies or video calls so we will not lose touch with the people that we hold close to us. 

For more information, please visit vivo Facebook page or Official Website.

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