Monday, March 2, 2020

Vivo’s Mission: Serving to Its Utmost Potential to Gain Trust and Loyalty from Consumers

Hi Everyone,

The world has seen many changes, and for the most part, to serve the greater good. Now, another major shift is hurtling towards us, 5G revolution. In pursuit of government’s prospect to transform Malaysia to the digital age, expecting to fully adopt 5G by the year 2023, several businesses and corporations have already been looking into 5G since 2017, with companies already looking into collaborations with one another to set up 5G. 

To adhere with the philosophy of vivo – giving its best to the community with its revolutionary yet budget-friendly devices. By highlighting the contribution of vivo to the development of 5G infrastructure in Malaysia on top of vivo’s mission to provide the best-in-class products and user experience with competitive pricing, so that more consumers can enjoy the benefits brought by 5G technology. 

There are three crucial points on top of vivo’s mission to serve at its best to the consumers: 

· Innovative Products: 

Vivo’s 5G technology is impressive enough to be the global 5G standard setter, or at least on par with current standards. Additionally, vivo will integrate its advantage in the global supply chain and markets for accelerating the journey of meeting such 5G standards. 

· Competitive Pricing: 

Allowing more users to experience vivo’s advance technology with the smartphones, vivo makes use of its advantage in Research and Development as well as the supply chain to produce high-quality devices at an affordable price for the consumers. 

· Better Consumer Experience: 

Vivo’s leading 5G development and smart devices enhance users experience while connecting the digital with the reality in the 5G era. With the growing demand for connected devices such as AR glasses, smartwatches, smart headphones, and others, 5G will gradually expand with its advantages and user scenarios hence meeting consumer’s needs by multi-device, multi-application, and multi-scenario collaborative development. Vivo will continue to explore more scenarios of private 5G terminals to accelerate the 5G application.

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