Thursday, March 5, 2020

Vivo Third-Generation Concept Phone APEX 2020: Accelerating 5G Competition

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Vivo has recently unveiled its third-generation concept phone – APEX 2020. Known for iconic innovation, APEX 2020 builds on the success of its previous generations to feature more cutting-edge technologies, while also showcases vivo’s continuing pursuit of head-turning aesthetics. This flagship product displays a major breakthrough in visual effects that is based on vivo’s deep consumer and smartphone industry insight. APEX 2020 is truly a revolutionary manifestation of vivo’s exploration of future smartphone design. 

Since its first inception in 2018, APEX series has been played as an iconic device to inspire and develop cutting-edge technology with revolutionary design through in-depth research and development. It can be said that APEX 2019 has successfully led vivo on the track of 5G infrastructure. According to the statistic conducted by IDC, as of September 2019, vivo iQOO 5G mobile phone shipments has successfully accounted for more than 50% - making it appointed as the top smartphone shipments among others. 

Additionally, APEX 2020 also provides more spaces for the 5G scenarios. APEX 2019 was the first that vivo has fully implemented 5G communication on the terminal, while APEX 2020 has shown vivo's prospect for the future 5G infrastructure. 

In the 5G era, it leads to a higher consumption of watching videos, playing games and etc, while the demand for 5G infrastructure will also be transformed to provide more immersive experiences. The truly comprehensive screen and integrated design brought by the innovative design of the camera, the upgrade of the Screen Soundcasting technology and super-fast charging will provide users with an ultimate experience while ensuring the continuity and stability of the user experience. 

Each version of vivo APEX mobile phone is not only an interpretation of vivo’s black technology, but also a benchmark for entrepreneurship in mobile phones. Additionally, by highlighting consumer features, it also brings inspiration to the industry for technological innovation. 

5G technology was first commercialised in 2019, while with the number of 5G mobile phones in the market, there are still a huge gap on the sales of 5G mobile phones from the 4G. Therefore, in the year of 2020, 5G mobile phone will be leading in this industry and vivo will continue to pursue technological innovation through APEX after gaining the lead in the starting point of 5G terminals, and to gain a place in future 5G competition in the industry. 

For vivo, APEX represents the future and technological innovation. The previous generations of APEX concept models have explained that, vivo’s black technologies will be truly implemented and launched on their devices later – offering the best revolutionary and ultimate mobile experiences for their users. 

For more information please visit vivo’s official website or vivo’s Facebook page.

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