Friday, March 6, 2020

The Next-Gen Vivo APEX Model Exposed: Tipped to Offer 248 MP Camera with Storage Up To 712 GB

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Following the recent launch of vivo APEX 2020 5G concept phone, a foreign media has already seen to expose its next generation APEX concept phone. The phone has a stunning exterior design, fitted with vivo’s revolutionary technology.

In terms of the phone’s display, the size of the screen was not introduced in the video, but the design of the screen shown was very interesting. The surface is covered with a layer of large curved hyperboloid glass. Since the phone has a built-in pop-up concept camera, therefore there will not be any openings on the display screen, while the screen ratio is relatively high. 

Currently, the name of the mobile that has been exposed was not been reviled yet. In addition to the eye-catching screen, the details of the mobile are also very up to expectation. The mobile uses a symmetrical dual-speaker design, continuing its great audio quality of previous vivo phones. The bottom of the device has a built-in amplifier, Type C interface and card slot, the layout is neatly arranged. The body has a variety of colours, the lens uses a mainstream rectangular module, all said, overall appearance of the device is greatly design. 

What's more impressive is the main camera lens of this phone. According to the leaked news, the camera is equipped with a 248-megapixel main camera with a periscope lens, and complete with a total of five main cameras. It should be noted that the rear lens module of the camera is on the upper left, the image provided was mirrored and has caused this illusion. Other lens parameters are still remain unclear. The front pop-up lens reaches 4200W pixels, which supports beauty camera and other functions. 

The device will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 processor, with 16GB LPDDR 5 memory, and has an extremely large storage of 712GB. In addition, the device is also equipped with a high-capacity battery up to 7000mAh, which supports vivo's latest wired Superfast charging and wireless flash charging technology. The device can be expected to launch by next year or the following year. 

Having said that, the new vivo concept device exposed by the foreign media is just for a good look at the moment, it will not be released in some time and this is just one of their several plans, the specific design and configuration are still subject to the official. 

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