Thursday, September 3, 2020

vivo Malaysia Shares Stimulating Behind-The-Scenes Facts from Latest ‘Shot on X50 Pro’ Film ‘KITA’

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As a leading global technology company, vivo has recently premiered an exclusive ‘Shot on X50 Pro’ film – ‘KITA’, in conjunction with Malaysia’s National Day. Directed by renowned Netflix Malaysian Director and Golden Horse Award for Best Director, Ho Yuhang, this nine-minute short film portrays Malaysia’s diverse cultures featuring the actual events about friendships amongst four students from different races and cultures. 

In recent years, vivo has intensified its effort in developing innovative technology, and it has advanced significantly with the arrival of its true photography flagship smartphone – X50 Pro that integrates professional and industry-leading photography technology. With that, vivo has also released an accompanying behind-the-scenes video which shows how this web-film was being shot and produced by Ho Yuhang and his team using only X50 Pro as the sole video equipment. 

Image 1: One of the ‘KITA’s scenes of Nadia discovered Keong when she’s crying in the classroom. 

“One of the most memorable scenes that I find enjoyable when working with the X50 Pro is the classroom scene, where Nadia was extremely upset and cried in the classroom because Keong destroyed her artwork. In utilising the X50 Pro, we managed to capture excellent shots that are (nearly) as good as what a full production set can do – the visuals turned out bright with abundant detail, good exposure, lively colours and commendable contrast,” said Director Ho. 

Image 2: Director Ho YuHang together with his production team explored on the light exposure and angle for outdoor shooting by using the vivo X50 Pro. 

Director Ho praised vivo X50 Pro for its low-light performance and stabilisation capabilities, especially for scenes that required action footages. “Having a great stabilisation system is of tremendous help to any production team, especially when it comes to shooting in a low-light condition. With this phone, we have reduced the amount of equipment to be used, and the manpower needed to set up the stage.” Director Ho elaborated. 

Image 3: ‘KITA’ short film’s video equipment was set-up at the movie premiere on 27th August 2020, at GSC, 1Utama Shopping Mall. 

Best known for its advanced camera specifications and luxurious design, X50 Pro’s built-in Gimbal Camera System comes with miniature gimbal module. It moves in the opposite direction of shaking motions, providing increased stability for the main camera where this comes in useful with most of the scenes in the short film made possible. 

Image 4: The team was setting up the equipment for actions scene shooting for Jaya – one of the characters in ‘KITA’ film. 

To shoot the specific scene for the characters in the short film – Jaya's first-person perspective in the sport scenes, the production team deliberately created a headgear camera device that can be installed the thinnest 5G smartphone (X50 Pro) for Jaya. Through this scene, X50 Pro perfectly showcases the industry-leading feature of the built-in micro gimbal-like structure camera system. 

Besides, Director Ho has also highlighted X50 Pro’s other features such as the Extreme Night Vision (Super Night Mode), 60x Hyper Zoom, Professional Portrait, Super Wide Angle, Super Macro Functions, and others. It has assisted him significantly in achieving the kind of footage that he envisioned when shooting with different angles for diverse scenes. 

Image 5: A night scene in ‘KITA’ film where the students were singing together at the camping site. 

“This project has been challenging yet significant. It is a meaningful mission for me to embark on during this Merdeka month. I am grateful to vivo for giving me this opportunity to do something for Malaysia. I would never have thought of shooting a short film on X50 Pro. It has prompted me to redefine my videography experience, and through this project it allows me to work with other Malaysian talents,” said Director Ho. 

‘KITA’ is now available to watch on vivo’s Official Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, and iflix.

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