Saturday, September 5, 2020


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Since its first inception in Malaysia in 2016, vivo has always adhered to the consumer-oriented approach in developing innovating products that allows consumers to relish personalised experience and services. Rather than focusing its energy only towards the mid-segment market, vivo is ready to explore the premium region in getting into the hearts of the elites with its latest flagship, X50 Pro – highlighting the industry-leading hardware features, a built-in Gimbal Camera System. 

“My go-to smartphone” – vivo has engaged with three prominent Malaysian figures and entrepreneurs Kavita Sidhu, Robert Guiati, and Coach KarFei to share about their exclusive hands-on experience with vivo X50 Pro and how vivo X50 Pro is taking a significant role in their day-to-day conduct, while seamlessly integrating itself into their daily lifestyle. 

“Without a doubt technology is very well-imbued in people’s daily activities and lifestyle. For many years, vivo has been world-renowned for offering innovative devices ranging from low to mid-tier. This year, we aspire in tapping into the high-end market with our aesthetic X50 series 5G smartphone,” said Mr. Mike Xu, Chief Executive Officer of vivo Malaysia. 

Malaysian actress and TV Film Producer, Kavita Sidhu shared that phone with big screen and ease of use are necessary to her especially with good camera quality. “Photo quality being equally imperative as a lot of my work in branding is social media-centric. I love it, this gorgeous X50 Pro comes with a camera gimbal stabilizer and its extreme night mode is amazing.” 

“Smartphone plays a vital in my day-to-day combat.” Roberto Guaiti, Founder and Director of Zenzero Group further elaborated that the sleek designed X50 Pro with exciting features will compliment his style and efforts. Meanwhile, Founder of Life Redesigned and Lead Coach, KarFei remarked that “For all of you who are looking to level up your mobile photography, I really think you should give this phone a try.” 

Being the top smartphone vendor in Malaysia, vivo aspires to continue its growth trajectory and international expansion by providing the most stylish, innovative, and dynamic products to offer a customized experience to consumers around the world. 

A sneak peek of the upcoming unique and premium videos featuring the influential Malaysian figures is now available on: 

The full video of vivo’s exclusive unboxing experience for Kavita Sidhu, Roberto Guaiti and Coach KarFei will be available on vivo Malaysia’s official Facebook page next week.

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