Sunday, February 23, 2020

Vivo awarded as 2019 People’s Choice Craftsman Brand in China

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Vivo has been awarded as 2019 People’s Choice Craftsman Brand Award in China at the "2019 Quality Development Summit Forum and the 16th People's Choice Artisan Award" event recently after it was successfully held in the People's Daily News, New Media Building. Themed “People’s Choice, Quality Power”, the forum was organised by the People's Network which held simultaneously with the 16th People's Choice Craftsman Awards Ceremony, and several awards were presented at the event. 

As an international renowned brand, vivo was awarded as the "People's Choice" award as they fully deserve this credit for emerging the process of China's manufacturing transformation to China's creation, developing the speed of China's transformation to China's quality, and also the transformation of Chinese products into Chinese brands. As “People’s Choice” award is designed to select the pioneers and benchmarks that have emerge and to transform huge phenomenon, getting the award is a testament to both the strength of the business and the innovation of technology, and vivo is both satisfied. 

For instance, vivo has long been seen as the future of 5G technology as it is still widely used and in development. In 2016, just after the global 5G standard was established, vivo established 5G as an important strategic deployment for the future, by setting up a 5G research and development centre in Beijing. By 2019, vivo has submitted more than 3,000 technical proposals to the 3GPP Standardisation Organisation, led discussions on a number of technical features, and become one of the largest end-company contributors to the 3GPP 5G standardisation research process. 

Moreover, the urge for having greater strength, technology research and the hunger for breakthrough in development has set the pace for vivo to continue their course of an endless success. It is because of vivo's foresight that vivo has reached the technical self-study capability in 5G technology, in 5G multi-antenna, motherboard 3D stacking, power and cooling. In addition, vivo is working with Samsung in-depth to develop the dual-mode 5G chip, the Exynos 980, and not to mention, launching the Vivo X30 series. With the success of the development of the 5G chip, which then embedded in both iQOO Pro and NEX 3 5G smartphones. It is with no exaggeration to say that the three 5G mobile phones released by vivo this year have played a very important role in promoting the 5G commercial process in China and the popularity of 5G mobile phones. 

Vivo's strength in research and development is evident to all, and its production capacity is also massive. In order to ensure the quality of its products, vivo has chosen its own production facilities, with 5 production bases worldwide, and more than 10 million terminals per month for its own production capacity. Take the Vivo X30 series currently on sale for example, where vivo's own production plant can produce 100,000 units a day, giving vivo a big advantage in terms of production capacity. 

Backed by such a strong strength, vivo was able to make a big splash in the 5G market and released a variety of 5G products in a short period of time, which has contributed a lot to the advancement of the 5G era in China. Among them, the 5G smart flagship NEX 3 5G has also won the "2019 Craftsman Product Award". This phone stands out among the many flagships, and it certainly has its strength on the current market. 

In terms of the design, the NEX 3 5G brings us a disruptive visual experience. It is equipped with a 6.89-inch unbounded waterfall screen. This complete full screen without any openings has an Ultra-High screen ratio of 99.6%, as if it came out from a sci-fi film, which is full of technology. Furthermore, the back of the body features a star-ringed three-camera, which perfectly integrates technology and aesthetics into this phone. 

Vivo NEX 3 in Glowing Night is now available in Malaysia for RM3,899, customers will be able to purchase vivo NEX 3 at vivostore (, vivo concept stores, authorised dealers, collaboration partners as well as e-commerce platform such as Shopee, Lazada and Presto Mall.

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