Thursday, February 20, 2020


Hi Korang,

Currently, 5G technology has become one of the most controversial technology topics. With the official launch of 5G technology by the operator, the 5G technology has finally launched in China. As of now, the 5G mobile device market has shown a competitive situation, many manufacturers have launched 5G models during the second half of the year which has provided more choices for buyers. From the results of the sales of 5G devices has shown that, 5G mobile devices are slowly overtaking the prior choice of buyers. According to the data that has been reported from IDC in “China’s 5G Mobile Devices Market Share in the Third Quarter of 2019”, vivo has the highest rank among the competitor with the portion of 54.3%.

In order to provide a better understanding for the outside world to learn more about vivo hardcore strength in the 5G field, vivo has took an initiative in inviting media in Mainland China to participate in the “Vivo 5G Open Day” event. The event does not only provide an opportunity for the media representatives to visit the headquarters of vivo in Dongguan, but also having the chance to watch the key production line of vivo X30. It was worth mentioning that during the event, the Vice President of vivo, President of China Market Liu Hong has mentioned that, the daily output of vivo X30 series is almost reaching 100, 000 units, which shows the strong production capacity of vivo’s own factory. 

Early in 2016, Vivo has started its research on 5G technology and development. Its first established 5G Research & Development center in Beijing, and officially joined 3GPP in the same year, fully participating in 5G core technology and standardisation research. As of current, vivo has accumulated more than 3000 5G proposal, and is one of the largest technological contribution among the world’s field of 5G research and development industry. Meanwhile, vivo has joined Samsung in developing the world’s first dual-mode 5G AI chip – Exynos 980. 

In addition, vivo is one of the companies that has a full process of assembly plant. In vivo’s own factory, each production line is complete, and the entire producing process has also been informatised. In the process of manufacturing mobile devices, whenever there is a problem has been detected, the problem can be found immediately and to minimalise the defective rate of the product and to continuously improve the process and manufacturing details. 

Followed by the official launch of vivo X30 series, vivo do not only improve the 5G mobile devices product line to provide more options for buyers, but also truly achieve a breakthrough in the field of dual-mode of 5G mobile devices research and development and to provide a better experience of 5G network to the users.

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