Tuesday, February 4, 2020

BAN HUAT Explores a New Path through Latest Music Collaboration with Vivo Malaysia and TNTCO

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Staying true to their motto of “Explore Your Style”, vivo Malaysia collaborated with local “cina” music label Ban Huat - consisting of talented misfits from Malaysia’s mainstream Chinese music industry - in producing worthy music titled “On Track” featuring Ban Huat’s Dato’ Maw, “Rap of China 2019” South East Asia region champion and Jay Wang, “The Coming One 2019” Top 14; which will appeal to the Malaysian Chinese market. 

The idea of being ‘on track’ goes well together with Vivo S1 Pro’s motto, as such vivo Malaysia was highly keen on this crossover between the leading technology company and these artists to emphasise the message to youngsters: everybody needs to take a new step everyday in order to move forward in every cornerstone of life. By doing so, one is able to explore, experience, grow, learn, and achieve what they truly want in the most unexpected of ways. 

This collaboration between technology and music resulted in a track that reflects on modern-day attitude towards working consistently and putting in effort to achieve something more meaningful. 

As part of their creative process in the planning of the music video, Dato’ Maw and Jay Wang embarked on an excursion to Penang and assimilated Vivo S1 pro during their brief getaway – this music video was directed by Rocketmob combined with a mini documentary by Case East. 

“We appreciate the fact that Vivo Malaysia actually gave us full control on the creative side of the music and visual production,” said Dato’ Maw. 

“Throughout the strategising and planning of the music video, we did not send any demo videos to vivo at all. The fact that they trusted us and gave us this valuable freedom to be ourselves in this project, is truly groundbreaking for all parties in my opinion. Additionally, this is also what truly epitomises Vivo S1 Pro’s motto: to just go with the flow and be true to yourselves without someone telling you how,” said Jay Wang. 

With the core concept of Innovation X Street, Vivo Malaysia will also be releasing a collection with TNTCO, which further announcement will be made down the line. 

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