Wednesday, November 28, 2018


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Blue Ant Extreme, known for its thrilling and action-packed content line-up, takes the action onground with the Xtreme Quest that will take two participants from Malaysia – Karen Kho and Linda Law to Iskandar Puteri, Johor Bahru on 2 December 2018 for the Spartan Race.

The Xtreme Quest challenges people from different backgrounds to go beyond their comfort zone – and the biggest dare is to conquer the Spartan Race, one of the most brutal obstacle course races in the world. The race will test the physical and mental capabilities of the participants who have said #ChallengeXccepted. 

Currently, Karen and Linda are in the midst of preparing for the race with healthy diets and intensive workout routines. Their change in diet aims to build energy reserves, improve health besides being a mood booster. For both of them, eating healthy and training does not have to be overly complicated. 

“There’s less than two weeks left before the race, and I am determined to fit in as much training as I can to ensure that I am in the best shape possible and ready to take on the challenges during the race. The Xtreme Quest experience so far has been eye opening, and I want to push forward to find my capability to exceed my previous limits,” Linda shared.

For Karen, she is pleased that she is managing her meals well. “I find that it is not difficult because I actually enjoy the process. Ever since I started preparing for the Xtreme Quest, I have changed my eating pattern. I consume less oily food and have increased my protein intake as well. Through the Xtreme Quest, I have been more daring and ready to face the extreme challenges that come my way. I hope to do well during the Spartan Race by overcoming my limitations,” said Karen.

Both Karen and Linda are dedicating their first Spartan Race to themselves. To see how there are doing, follow the highs and lows of their gruelling experience via their personal Instagram accounts – Linda (@nanabwincess) and Karen (@karenkh0)

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