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ROYAL CANIN Encourages Pet Owners To Plan Vet Visits In Advance During Total Lockdown

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The human-pet relationship is an unspoken bond, beyond a relationship and companionship. As much as we can get smitten with their cuteness, pet owners have a responsibility to keep their pets safe, healthy and happy. To encourage good pet care, Royal Canin continues educating pet owners and lovers on taking care of the wellbeing of their pets. The Take Your Pet to The Vet campaign urges dog and cat owners to bring their pets for check-ups at certified veterinary clinics at least twice a year, starting from the kitten and puppy stage up to senior age for preventive health care.

It is best for pet owners to make vet appointments in advance during the total lockdown period and strictly adhere to all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and requirements as announced by the government.

Royal Canin Malaysia has been championing the importance of taking pets to the vet since 2016, emphasizing cats’ wellbeing throughout the years. For its 2021 edition, the company expanded the attention to include dogs’ wellbeing.

The Take Your Pet to The Vet 2021 has the support of the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries Malaysia and International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM), the veterinary division of International Cat Care.

Dr. Kavindaran Krisnasamy, the Scientific Communication Manager at Royal Canin Malaysia who is also a vet by training, said: “We want to create a larger and better impact on our pet’s wellbeing through the Take Your Pet to The Vet campaign this year. For the first time in Malaysia, we have expanded it to include dogs in this public service initiative. Dogs and cats have very different personalities; dogs are more expressive compared to cats, which are more secretive in nature. So, this year we set out to provide information and tips on caring for dogs as well as cats in view that these two furry friends are the most common household pets in Malaysia.”

“Many pet owners are excited to bring a cat or dog into their homes, to be part of the family. During the lockdown period, we received feedback of an increase in pet ownership. It is thus very important that we highlight the need to take the pet to the vet for regular check-ups, as part of good pet keeping practice. Having them seen by a veterinarian at least twice a year will help cat and dog owners to learn about their pets better - be it their health, nutrition needs, behavior, and interests. Regular scheduled vet check-ups can also help identify early medical situation in the pets and prevent certain diseases from getting worse,” Dr. Kavindaran said.

Royal Canin believes a better world can be created when pet owners are better informed and equipped with the right information to take care of their beloved cats and dogs. “The wellbeing of our furry friends is a joy for pet owners, and we want to help pets stay healthy and live a long and comfortable life. The visit to the vet should start right from the kitten and puppy stage until senior age,” Dr. Kavindaran added.

The Take Your Pet to The Vet campaign runs from 1 June until 30 November 2021. In conjunction with the campaign, Royal Canin has prepared an array of activities and prizes for all ages in this year’s campaign.

Puppy and Kitten On-Boarding Programme

In line with the campaign focus on educating pet owners to be equipped with the right knowledge for the different stages of life of their cats and dogs, the Royal Canin Club app provides educational content and health nutrition options for their kitten and puppy. Royal Canin is also rewarding pet owners who register their puppy and kitten profile on the app with a RM30 pet health care voucher. Pet owners will receive the voucher upon successful registration of their kitten or puppy profile on the app from 1 July 2021 onwards. Royal Canin Club app can be found in Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Pet2Vet Contest

Royal Canin will be holding a giveaway contest on the Royal Canin Club app. All Royal Canin Club members are invited to take part in the Pet2Vet Contest to stand a chance to win a RM50 health care voucher that can be used for any veterinary consultation and health care services at participating vet clinics listed on the app. There are over 2,000 vouchers to be given away in two phases of 1 June - 31 July 2021 and 1 - 30 September 2021.

Jom Talk Pets! Podcast

Pet owners can listen in to Royal Canin Malaysia’s very own podcast, Jom Talk Pets!, to learn more on different situations that pet owners might face. Among the topics in the line-up for this year are “Puppy Needs and Wants”, “Senior Pets”, and “Pets and Kids”. Pet owners can also tune in to previous podcasts which had topics such as parasites in pets, whether to neuter the pet or otherwise, and how to train your puppy. The podcast is a great source of accurate information for pet owners to receive insights and tips. The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple podcast and Google podcast.

Pet2Vet Digital Event

A specially-organised digital event with numerous interesting and fun activities is also in the line-up. Designed to be interactive, the Pet2Vet Digital Event will have activities for pet owners to participate in and stand a chance to win Royal Canin products, besides insightful sharing sessions from the pet experts, pet owners and veterinarians. This event will be hosted on the Royal Canin Malaysia’s Facebook (

For more information on the Take Your Pet to The Vet campaign, the activities and curated information on taking care of pets, visit Do also visit Royal Canin Malaysia official website to know more about the brand and product offerings.

Pet owners can also spread the word on the campaign as well as join a pledge with Royal Canin on social media to take their pet to the vet for regular check-ups via the hashtags: #Pet2Vet, #RoyalCaninMalaysia.

* Pet owners are encouraged to contact the respective veterinary clinics to schedule their visits in advance for smoother health check-up process for pets and by extension, themselves.

*Pet owners are advised to have the required SOP documentations before going for vet visits.

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