Monday, December 10, 2018

Tips For Home Renovation With A Budget

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There are many properties for sale, such as properties in Empire Subang. However, buying a property is a huge commitment that involves a huge sum of money. If buying a new house is unaffordable, fret not, this article will guide you through some tips for home renovation with a budget.

1.      Be realistic
First and foremost, you will need to be realistic and set a realistic budget. You definitely do not want to overspend the budget and regret after. After all, you have already spent a huge amount in buying a property. Check on your finances and decide on how much you can allocate for your home renovation. Prepare a checklist with prices for the things that you wish to do for your house renovation.

2.      Be specific
There are many designs that you can see online from  Pinterest or Qanvast. These designs are beautiful and tempting, but you will need to bear in mind that those are for illustration purpose and might not be realistic to do. They might also burst your budget if you were to follow the design completely. You need to write down on what you need and what you want to avoid getting your budget burst. What you need is what is required for your home to make it functional. What you want is mostly something that falls into the vanity category. You could still save on your budget after identifying your needs by choosing a more affordable materials and designs.

3.      Stick to the plan
Make sure you stay close to your final plan. This is to prevent you from overspending or spending unnecessarily. If you keep adding additional ideas to your project or constantly changing your mind throughout the renovation, it is going to add more cost to your final budget. In addition, you are going to add more work for your contractor if you are engaging one. Therefore, it is high advisable to stick to your plan.

4.      Plan for the unexpected
Do bear in mind that you will need to be prepared that you might exceed your initial renovation budget. Let us say you have set RM50,000 for your renovation cost, that does not mean you should spend all RM50,000 on renovation. You should try cutting as much cost as you can so you can use the remaining to pay for some unpredictable additional cost during the renovation.

5.      Focus on kitchen and bathroom
When people think of house remodeling, the bathroom and kitchen are often the first place people look. This is because kitchen and bathroom tend to be powerful in both creating function with styles and creating interest in home buyers.

If you are planning to resell your house, you should definitely renovate the kitchen and the bathroom first. The kitchen and bathroom will catch potential buyer’s eye first before anything else. If a bathroom or kitchen does not appeal to potential home buyer, the chance of making the sale will be drastically reduced.

Whether it is to boost your house value and sell your house or to give your house a new look, remodeling is definitely needed for the kitchen and bathroom, especially for houses that have not been renovated for the past 10 years, at least.

6.      Shop for bargains
Everybody loves shopping. But securing a good deal when you shop is better than just shopping. The available websites for online shopping has also made shopping much easier and convenient, especially with delivery option where you do not need to carry bulky items home on your own. In addition, you could also sign up for newsletters. to catch the best deal offered by different stores.

Other than getting good deals from online shopping, you can also secure good deals from physical stores, such as:
(a)    Chain bargain stores
(b)   Outlets
(c)    Overstock websites
(d)   Vintage stores
(e)    Thrift stores
(f)    Garage sales

Online shopping can be addictive so make sure you practice self control to prevent yourself from overspending.

7.      DIY
While we understand that we are not expert when it comes renovations, there are certain things that we could still do it ourselves. Consider doing it yourself to prevent exceeding your budget. Go to the nearest IKEA store and look for cabinets that you can assemble yourself. Furthermore, most IKEA furniture comes with clear and easy instruction as well. You could also choose to paint your house yourself instead of hiring workers to paint it for you.

It is easy to blow your budget if you do not have a solid plan. Therefore, it is highly recommended to plan ahead and have a checklist. Make sure you stay within your plan and keep your home renovation budget under control. You definitely do not want to end up regretting over the renovation that cost you a bomb

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