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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ParenThots Family Day

Hi Korang,

Sesaje nak bagitau nie, Parenthots akan adakan family daynye tak lama lagi. Bagi sesape yang tak tau Parenthots tu apa, meh Cik Lily nak habaq sket. It's actually a website for parenting. Eventho aku belum jadi parents lagi, aku mesti get readykan dengan ilmu2 parenting nie, so  itu sebab aku jadi members Parenthots nie.

Memang bagus lepak2 yang website nie, yang ilmu yang aku pelajari dalam hal parenting nie. Actually bukan pasal parentingje, banyak lagi topik2 lain yang dipersembangkan.

Anyway, Parenthots akan adakan family day. Here the details:-

ParenThots Family Day 2010

Date: Aug 7, 2010 (Saturday)

Time: 9am-12noon
Venue: Padang Astaka, Lorong Utara Kecil, Petaling Jaya
It's baaaaack! Yes, we're talking about the ParenThots Family Day!

It's half a day of fun, games and food, giving parents a chance to bond with their children. It also offers children a chance to play some fair-like games or even just run around.

This year we have face-painting, a crafts workshop, a chance to play all sorts of games and win prizes and a chance to decorate your own cupcake or sandwich.

For parents, there will be special quiz games – study some of the topics on ParenThots if you want to win exciting prizes from Blackmores, Borders Bookstores, John Wiley & Sons, Kids Station, Philips Malaysia and Scholastic Books.

We're having it in August this year as the end of year tends to coincide with the rainy season.

Entrance: FREE
To register, email with your full name, IC number and the number of adults and children attending.

Games For Kids:
- Ivory toss
- Ringaling

- Velcro stick
- Ball toss
- Tee off
- Tin ball
- Buzzer challenge
- Rollerball

Game for parents:
Quiz Time (best prizes saved for this – questions will be based on articles in ParenThots)

Free sampling:
- Nimm2
- Ricola
- Agnesi pasta

- Crafts by mummy blogger Merryn Tan (

Also participating:
- DIODE! Camp (
- Lynn's Butter n Cream (selling cupcakes and brownies)

Other fun stuff:
- Decorate a cupcake/sandwich by Whipnwhisk (
- Balloon sculpture
- Face-painting

Prize sponsors:
Borders Bookstores
John Wiley & Sons
Kids Station Marketing (
Philips Malaysia
Scholastic Books

Goodie bag sponsors

MPH Bookstores
Nature's Way
Other sponsors:

 Reasons to attend:
- It's a fun outing with the kids
- It's a chance to mingle with other parents
- It's a chance to meet ParenThots
- It's a chance for ParenThots to meet you
- It's the BEST fun you'll have this August
- There is free food
- Great prizes
- Entrance is FREE!!

- The first 100 who register will receive a GOODIE BAG (with an exclusive limited edition ParenThots shopping bag).
- Breakfast and lunch will NOT be served. There will be light refreshments as long as they last.
- If you plan to be there for the whole event do bring a bottle of water just in case we run out of water.
- No pets allowed.
- Giveaways will be given out on a first come first served basis and as long as they last, too.
- Please be patient on the day. You're there for your kids, and not for free food, drink or prizes. Leave your kiasuness at home.

- Above all, have fun.

p/s: Kepada Hanz,Nia,KRos,Cik Fid,Isabelle,K InaKL, Tifa,MrsAdam,CikNana, MommyYus, Liza, Juan, Jiji dan mom blogger yang lelain cepatlah register. At least ada gak geng masa pegi nanti kan.