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Monday, May 6, 2013

Freebies Land Malaysia: O’slee Rosehip Beauty Solution III Giveaway

Hi Korang,

Ni ada beauty giveaway yang tak patut korang miss it tau!

Lengkapkan 2 cara mudah dan korang ada chance untuk menang.

1. Like Freebies Land Malaysia Facebook Page:
2. Like OnlyBeauty Facebook Fan Page:
3. Share this photo on your wall by posting “@Freebies Land Malaysia is giving away O’slee Rosehip Beauty Solution III!!” as your status.
4. Don’t forget to set your post’s Privacy Setting to PUBLIC before clicking “Share Photo”
5. That’s all and you stand a chance to win free O’slee Rosehip Whitening Mask!

About Rosehip Beauty Solution lll

  1. Extra Moisturizing : Increase and retain skin moisture.
  2. Extra Whitening : Reduce pigmentation, spots and make skin translucent white. 
  3. Pore-Refining & Blackhead Reducing : Purify residues and reduce the formation of blackheads. 
  4. UV-Oxi™ Protecion : Reduce skin oxidation by neutralizing free radicals produced by UV Rays. 
  5. Enhance Absorption Ability : Soften and remove corneous dead cells. Optimize skin absorption ability. 
  6. Multi-function : Soak a cotton pad with Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III and gently place over the face or apply on the whole body after shower. 
  7. Relaxing : Natural rose scent offers relaxing feeling. 

BAIK CEPAT! Giveaway ni akan berakhir pada 15 Mei 2013. 

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Special thanks to OnlyBeauty for this giveaway,  visit their website at for daily beauty samples giveaways!

For more information about Freebies Land, visit:

Note : Kene tulis dalam english coz mudah sket korang nak paham kan kalau giveaway camnie.